Social responsibility

is reflected in the strength of the individual in the community

Immigrant Link Centre Society

Immigrant Link Centre Society has been in existence for one year. It was formed after implementing a free food “Win/Win” project in the LINC (Language Instruction for New Canadians) program, in cooperation with Tom Littlewood and Dan’s Legacy. Free of charge, we distribute perishable/imperfect food from grocery stores that is still edible and would otherwise have been thrown out, adding to landfill waste. All of our clients are immigrants to Canada who are in need due to low income, vulnerability, refugees in transition, single moms or volunteers. We believe that no one should struggle to obtain the necessities of life.

Social Responsibility

Those in Need:

We build trust, friendship and volunteering opportunities to even the most marginalized or at-risk immigrants by including them in the mission to rescue food that would otherwise go to waste. This provides them with an opportunity for community involvement rather than feel like they’re just on the receiving end. They are educated regarding what the foods are, how to cook them, how to store them and given a chance to experiment with them.

Participating stores can do their part in reducing unnecessary waste by donating these food products to Immigrant Link Centre who will then distribute them to the needy. Not only does it improve quality of life for immigrants, but there will be less waste taken to the dump which saves the stores money. The environment will also benefit from less garbage, and recipients have a connection to these businesses due to their charitable efforts, thereby adding to their customer base.

Grocery Stores:

We provide an opportunity for these stores to become more environmentally friendly by producing less waste and maintaining positive images in the eyes of their socially conscious customers and stakeholders.

To us, corporate social responsibility is the company’s commitment to contribute to sustainable economic development as well as to collaborate with employees, their families and local communities. Being socially responsible means not only to fulfill legal obligations and abide by the law, but even more to invest in human capital, environment and relations with stakeholders.

Social Responsibility

In an effort to contribute to solving the problems of the community in which we do our business, our company carries out various corporate social initiatives. It is of great importance to ensure complete transparency of our commitment to broader social interests. This promotional section of our web site is to present information on the implemented social actions, but is also capable of providing useful notifications about other forms of promoting involvement in the community. It is also a way of inviting other companies to join us to make our world a better place.