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Coquitlam Media originated from a passion to help entrepreneurs and creative people make their ideas a reality through interesting web applications that generate a positive, easily-navigable client experience

Igor Bjelac CEO Founder

Founder and director of the humanitarian organization "Beehive", Igor is affiliated with the following institutions: SOS Children's Village from Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, Children’s Safe House with the Social Service, and Street Children Shelter.

He has organized ten sport and ecological camps for vulnerable kids and youth which have attracted volunteers from all over the world.

After immigrating to Canada, he has continued to team up with others to do good and has created the Immigrant Link Centre Society, which provides free food to people in need. He is also the co-founder of Darts Federation of Serbia and Darts Club "Guerilla".

Slobodan Mirić Web developer

He prefers to work with all the tools that are related to the most popular web language - JavaScript, and PHP

In addition to programming and art, Slobodan loves branding and marketing. To put it simply, he enjoys everything connected to web design.

Music is a great inspiration and has been the companion in all activities. Every line of code written is accompanied by beautiful music, mostly blues or jazz.

He has worked at several radio stations and was the host of evening shows dedicated to blues. He also worked as a musical editor.

Tom Pong Senior partner


Founded Hippo 3D Animation (Canada) 2016 --- underway
Founded Hippo 3D Animation (HK)since 2007
Produced CGI animation and has been production manager since 2004
Produced traditional animation and has been production manager since 1985


Animation business consultant
Animation Producer
Project development and marketing
Animation production management

Dennis Swalwell  Business developer

Dennis grew up in the Tri Cities. He likes connecting to and working with people. He is a good listener and enjoys the challenge of solving others’ problems.

Playing guitar has been something he has done since he was young. Creating music and creating, in general, is what gives him the most joy.

He is also an avid skateboarder. The difficulty and being outdoors enjoying beautiful weather is what draws him to this sport.

Julia Swalwell  Content writer

Currently pursuing an Associates of Arts degree from Douglas College, Julia has engaged in many forms of writing from creative fiction to formatting resumes and reports from her prior experience in office administration.

She has had one of her short stories featured in the Colleges' Anthology and actively writes in her spare time.

Finding novel ways to express ideas whether it be through art, poetry or web design is a challenge she enthusiastically commits herself to.

Nemanja Belic  Designer

As I’ve always preferred Humanities, my education developed in an artistic direction. I graduated from Web Design in Novi Sad and acquired a diploma in Web Design Engineering. I gained my initial experience as a freelancer where I honed my skills in graphic and web design.

I enjoy my work and am always happy to meet new people and learn new things. It gives me great pleasure when a client is satisfied with my work and, therefore, I always try my best. I have the most experience in web design and logo development, and I also work with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop programs.

Website Design / Development

We design unique web sites and web applications that are not only compatible with desktop devices, but also responsive and adaptable to tablets and mobile phones.
We aim for a clean and simple style, which is understood by all generations. We want to make the user experience as enjoyable as possible so the visitors can get to know the content and easily move through it in just a few seconds.

Our team approaches every project from its inception, creating original concepts, rather than just working on finished templates. We do not recycle project materials.

We use integrated HTML 5 technology: HTML 5, CSS3 and JavaScript. On the server side, we use PHP and Node JS. As for the framework, the team applies two of the most used: Twitter Bootstrap, Angular JS and also jQuery, the most famous JavaScript library.

Why is site optimization important?

Search engine optimization is one of the most important factors of a successful website. Achieving good results via search engines is a challenging task and the process requires time as well. All of our websites come with basic SEO. That means that we can do a successful keyword presentation and help you with your On-page website content optimization, as well as Google Analytics and Google Adwords.

In addition to the standard SEO optimization, the important thing is for a site to be optimized for browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Internet Explorer. All projects are thoroughly tested before and after putting in this function. We also do thorough tests on many different kinds of mobile phones and tablets, in order to avoid unpredictable views on some screen sizes. For the same reason,tests are also done on different monitors.

Wordpress Development

Wordpress custom theme is the perfect solution for all purposes, primarily for individuals who want to maintain their own site for which they do not need programming knowledge. Blog functionality is something that helps your site most, for search engine listings, as well as posting various content, advertising products or services. It delivers the highest level of interactivity with customers and potential customers.

With custom Wordpress themes, you have excellent support because, as creators of the setopics, we are thoroughly informed in every detail. If you update your own website we can easily help you in site maintenance and updating. We offer site maintenance services, should you agree that this is something you may require.

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